Simple is Beautiful started as the brainchild of Aymeric Bard, Virtools software architect and electronic music composer. Frederique Krupa, designer/chair of Communication Design at Parsons Paris, has joined the adventure. SiB is now focusing on software development for the Iphone, Ipod Touch and XBLA.

SiB frequently collaborates with talented designers and programmers met during their dozen years in game software development at Virtools, now Dassault Systemes.

SiB released DrumTrack8, its first iPhone application in April 2009, followed up by the iPhone action strategy game SpillPills in October 2009. (Both are now available in the App Store.)


email SiB:
Aymeric Bard: aymeric(dot)bard(at)gmail(dot)com
Frederique Krupa: frederique(dot)krupa(at)gmail(dot)com

Please leave us a message below.

7 Responses to “SiB”

  1. pourriez vous rendre DrumTrack compatible avec les firmawares antécédants (3.0, 3.1, 3.1.2)

  2. hi there,
    love DT8, thank you. quick question, how do you change the tempo without tap? i touch the bpm button and try to drag but it only seems to respond to tapping. i’m sure it’s very simple. please enlighten me.

  3. Hi any chance of developing these apps for Nokia Symbian ^3 for Nokia N8?

    • So far we are concentrating on releasing DrumTrackHD, then upgrading DT8…. So never say never, but it’s not in the stars right now…

  4. when something for android? we are more than 50% devices..
    cmon dudes… lets own the android market too! :))

    • So much to code, so little time… So far, new projects keep appearing that keep us from porting existing apps to other platforms.

      The lack of unified hardware for Android is probably the principal reason we haven’t ported so far. It’s challenging enough to create backward compatible apps with Apple iOS and hardware.

      Let’s put it this way, if we were to port, it would be to Android.

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