SiB New Website:

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Simple is Beautiful’s main website has moved to to gain more space and more flexibility as our product line expands. See you there!

Note: DrumTrack8 and SpillPills main sites will  be based at You can still leave feature requests and comments here.

DrumTrack8 Reviews

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It took longer to get the iTunes Store bureaucratic process out of the way than anticipated, but now that Drum Tracker has been out for a week, our first reviews are in. We feel like proud parents.

From theAppleBlog Weekly App Store Picks: May 30, 2009
by Olly Farshi

Drum Tracker ($1.99)
If you’re not in the mood for gaming, but beats are your thing, then Drum Tracker may be the app for you. The developers, a team calling themselves Simple is Beautiful, have squeezed a fully-featured drum machine down into one gorgeous-looking iPhone app. This is
a tool that, while it could be tons of fun for anyone looking to toy around with a few beats, could prove useful for electronic music producers on the go. Worth checking out for the more musical readers of TheAppleBlog, especially as it’s priced so competitively for a sound app.

As for Vasilly M’s user review, he called DrumTracker “Slick, Fat and Crispy:”

“…I must say it is a light, nifty and impressive app, great for those that like to put drum sequences together on the go. The selection of drum kits is solid, from classic 909 to crunchy club beats. The learning curve was nearly flat for me, I was able to grasp the functionality practically right away. I would like to stress that the UI is particularly impressive combining slick design and simple yet powerful functionality. All in all, a great deal for $1.99.”

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DrumTrack8 and DrumTrackHD Feature Requests

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We are interested in your feedback on DrumTrack8 and DrumTrackHD. Please give us your suggestions/wishlist below.

Best regards,

Simple is Beautiful

Contact Simple is Beautiful

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Need help?

Visit, optimized for easy browsing on your Iphone or Ipod Touch.

Encountering a bug? Like to make a feature request?

Contact Simple is Beautiful at aymeric(dot)bard(at) or frederique(dot)krupa(at)


What is Simple Is Beautiful?

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Simple is Beautiful started as the brainchild of Aymeric Bard, Virtools software architect and electronic music composer. Frederique Krupa, designer/educator, has joined the adventure.

SiB is now focusing on software development for the iPhone, iPod Touch, XBLA and Android.

SiB is based in Paris, France and can be reached at aymeric(dot)bard(at) or frederique(dot)krupa(at)

SiB’s website has moved to